Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Criminal Justice Package

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) — Florida will quickly see the first trade in 35 years to the prison threshold for felony robbery after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a crook-justice package into law on Friday. Raising the edge that triggers prison robbery prices from $three hundred to $750 changed into one in all the most significant adjustments in […]

Justices Take on Career Criminal Law Again

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed June 28 to take up its ultra-modern in an extended-jogging series of cases interpreting a difficult-on-crime federal sentencing regulation. Much of the high court’s current battles concerning the Armed Career Criminal Act—a 3-strikes law was implementing fifteen-year mandatory minimums for gun convicts who’ve three prior convictions for violent felonies or […]

Federal firearms crook law as unconstitutionally indistinct

The US Supreme Court on Monday struck down 18 USC § 924(c)(3)(B), a primary federal statute with mandatory sentences for crimes devoted with firearms, as unconstitutionally vague. The opinion, authored by way of Justice Neil Gorsuch, reveals that the language of the statute is unconstitutionally indistinct and hence unfair to the defendant. The law authorises better […]

Criminal Justice Reform in America:

The United States contains approximately four% of the world’s populace – and homes about 22% of the arena’s jail population. The U.S. Department of Justice reviews that each year approximately 650,000 humans are released from prison. Helping this populace with a successful transition following incarceration isn’t only severely crucial to the individuals concerned, but to […]

A Guide to Democrats’ Stands on Criminal Justice Issues

In improve the first Democratic presidential debate, Politico compiles the views of the candidates on coverage troubles. Included are rundowns on many crook justice issues, together with gun manage and marijuana legalization. One sample: Of nine candidates who’ve expressed a position on mandatory minimum sentences, eight need to get rid of them, and one desires […]

Sexual violence victims get ‘terrible deal’

Victims of sexual violence are receiving “a horrible deal” from the crook justice machine with handiest 2% of their attackers convicted in court docket, in step with the outgoing sufferers’ commissioner. In her final report after six years in the workplace, Helen Newlove stated there has been a breakdown in believe and that sufferers were […]

Tiffany Cabán’s in all likelihood win inside the Queens

Tiffany Cabán seems poised to win in Tuesday’s Democratic number one inside the Queen’s district attorney race — potentially giving a massive victory to crook justice reformers who want to quit the conflict on drugs and mass incarceration. The Queen’s race might also seem like a small local news tale. But it’s now not — […]

Russian environmentalist faces crook file

A prominent Russian environmentalist has fled the you. S. As crook cases have been opened against her in connection to Russia’s law on “overseas sellers.” Alexandra Koroleva, sixty-five, head of Ekozaschita! (Ecodefence!), considered one of Russia’s oldest environmental organizations, is in search of asylum in Germany because in Russia, amongst other things, she might be […]

The Tipping Point For Gay Rights. Is Criminal Justice Next?

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots which many bears in mind spearheaded the homosexual rights movement. The Stonewall Inn turned into a bar in Greenwich Village where gay and transgender people ought to assemble, openly display affection, dance with equal-intercourse companions and, to a massive quantity, now not be hassled. The […]