An attorney in the Philadelphia suburbs become arrested Thursday and charged with stealing cash from six customers, according to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

Keith F. Garrity, 39, practiced regulation in Media. The customers allegedly paid him among $635 and $2,500 for a spread of services. But in each case, Garrity did not supply at the promised legal work or attend scheduled court hearings. The incidents took place between April 2016 and February 2019, in line with investigators.

Garrity, of Marcus Hook, instructed detectives he became generally paid in coins, cash orders, or Walmart-to-Walmart transfers “because he has problems with checks and did not maintain a bank account because of private motives.”

“Keith Garrity had an obligation as a lawyer to devote himself to the pursuits of his purchaser and suggest with zeal on their behalf; he did the exact opposite,” said District Attorney Katayoun M. Copeland.

Garrity couldn’t be reached for remark.

Garrity’s license to exercise regulation was suspended in 2017 for five years due to the fact he didn’t document his annual legal professional registration, in step with kingdom documents. He is not noted to tell his clients that he changed into ineligible to practice law at some point of that period. In May 2019, the state disciplinary board charged him with expert misconduct and suspended his license for an extra five years.

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