A wealthy businessman and his ex-spouse have drawn divorce court docket hostilities to a close after a judge dominated on the possession of their curtains.

Conservative Party donor Sir Andrew Cook and indoors fashion designer Baroness Angelika Hirsch-Stronstorff were contesting a High Court trial.

Mr Justice Holman turned into told the pair had run up £1m in lawyers’ bills in the case over property and fixtures.

The judge stated the pair’s marriage were “a disaster”.

Evidence showed Sir Andrew – chairman of William Cook, a company based totally in Sheffield which produces components for the rail, strength and defence industries – became well worth about £25m and Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff about £4m, the choose stated.

He was told that no-one became arguing their combined wealth has to be shared.

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Lawyers representing Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff said she desired to walk away with £2.8m.

Sir Andrew, who became treasurer of the Conservative In a campaign which sought to stay within the European Union on the 2016 referendum, had made an initial provide of £1m after which multiplied it to £2m.

Lawyers have now instructed the judge that Sir Andrew and Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff had agreed on an out-of-courtroom agreement.

But the judge heard that they couldn’t agree on who owned the curtains in a residence they’d shared in London.

Lawyers said that, beneath the agreement, Sir Andrew was maintaining the house and desired the curtains to stay.

But interior designer Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff was retaining the contents and stated the curtains belonged to her.

At the Family Division of the High Court, Mr Justice Holman ruled that the curtains must live however if Sir Andrew sold them, as a part of a residence sale, inside the subsequent five years he ought to cut up the money along with his ex-wife.

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