John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute reports the new law, signed by using Governor Greg Abbott in advance this month, permits for the formation of college “hazard assessment groups” to identify students deemed suicidal or who have mental fitness troubles. Whitehead contends that Senate Bill 11 usurps parental authority.

“We can’t be overriding parental choices concerning counselling and treatment for their children. We need to go away that up to the parents to come to a decision,” the attorney tells OneNewsNow. “The faculty should be having a meeting with parents; [they] ought to be delivered in and that they have to form groups.”

According to Whitehead, the law’s “assessment teams” empower non-medically educated individuals to become aware of and refer students for a remedy that may have lifelong, poor results.

“Just for objecting to what a teacher says or to [what] an important says, you may be seen as rebellious and probably having intellectual issues – and that could go on your report,” he describes. “And that report remains with a pupil for their complete life.”

The regulation changed into in reaction to final yr’s college taking pictures at Santa Fe High School that left 10 humans lifeless and 13 wounded. However, Whitehead says such regulation has been historically unreliable in preventing mass shootings.

(CNN)Harvey Weinstein retained new attorneys to symbolize him in opposition to sex crimes fees, marking the modern-day additions in what has turn out to be a revolving door of felony groups in his case.

Chicago-based totally attorneys Donna Rotunno and Damon Cheronis notified the court that they’ve been retained by means of Weinstein in documents dated Monday, June 24, and made public by the court clerk’s office Wednesday.
The pair are becoming a member of Weinstein’s New York-based totally defense legal professional, Arthur Aidala, who earlier this week submitted a motion to disregard two of the 5 prices towards Weinstein. The two new attorneys keep in mind that the September 9, 2019, trial date is “non-negotiable,” consistent with the court documents.
Since he changed into first criminally charged last May, Weinstein has gone via a chain of legal professionals in his case. Earlier this month, excessive-profile legal professional Jose Baez, who correctly defended Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez, withdrew from Weinstein’s defense.
“First, Mr. Weinstein has engaged in conduct that makes this illustration unreasonably difficult to carry out correctly and has insisted upon taking moves with which I even have essential disagreements,” Baez stated in the submitting.

The attorney representing the Coachella, Calif., girl stuck on digital camera dumping three-day-antique dogs in a Dumpster argued that “dogs aren’t humans” at a bail listening to Thursday.

Deborah Sue Culwell is charged with seven counts of felony animal cruelty and seven counts of misdemeanor abandoning animals for the April 18 incident. She has pleaded now not guilty.

She had previously been released on $10,000 bail on April 23, however prosecutors satisfied a choose to growth it to $50,000 on Thursday.

Joseph Cavanaugh, Culwell’s lawyer, made the “puppies are not human beings” remark for the duration of the listening to and brought that the girl shouldn’t be held to the identical widespread as someone who harms any other character.

Culwell was caught on video putting a bag allegedly containing seven dogs in a Dumpster with temperatures in the mid-90s. A passerby discovered the dogs and alerted police.

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