Abu Dhabi: Police are clamping down on errant motorists, in addition to bus drivers, who jeopardise the lives of college youngsters.

On Tuesday, Abu Dhabi Police announced that in the instructional yr 2018-2019, it issued fines in opposition to 3,664 motorists for no longer halting at the stop signal of faculty buses, and also fined 126 college bus drivers who did not open the forestall signal.

According to the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, states that an exceptional of Dh1,000 with ten black factors will be issued against motorists who fail to stop after they see the stop sign of school buses. It additionally states that an excellent of Dh500 with six black factors shall be issued in opposition to faculty bus drivers who fail to open the stop sign.

Motorists also are required to forestall their cars at a entire halt, after they see a school bus prevent sign within a distance of now not much less than 5 metres, that allows you to make certain the protection of college students.

The police campaign on protective scholars’ protection is constantly held at some point of the educational 12 months.

“During the college year, police additionally tightened site visitors motion by way of deploying police patrols in residential and college districts, who saved a near eye on errant motorists who try to escape by using passing the stop signal of school buses,” said Abu Dhabi Police.

Police called on drivers not to copy these violations all through the subsequent academic yr 2019-2020, and advised motorists to come back to a complete stop whilst the signboard is opened on the aspect of the college bus.

Dubai: CCTV cameras installed on homes, visitors lights and on public delivery are not sufficient to preserve errant motorists at bay.

Authorities in the Emirates have taken the level of safety one step further by installing CCTV cameras on college buses, to make sure that motorists come to a halt when faculty bus drivers pull out the prevent sign.

A photo currently circulated on social networking sites in the UAE indicates a digital camera installed on the side of a faulty bus, that can seize drivers that fail to prevent as a minimum five metres in the back of the college bus whilst the sign is open.

Brig Ahmad Al Shehhi, deputy director of Traffic and Patrols Department of the Central Operations Section at Abu Dhabi Police, said: “Motorists ought to carry their motors to a whole halt once they see a school bus forestall signal inside a distance of no longer less than five metres, a good way to ensure the protection of college students.”

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Failure to forestall will incur a best of Dh1,000 and 10 black factors.

In December 2017, the Ministry of Education and Emirates Transport introduced the set up of a clever machine in all faculty buses throughout Dubai and the northern emirates.




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