In what may be termed as a traditional case of regulation enforcers violating the regulation, a person running with the Navi Mumbai site visitors department become stuck breaking the law.

The wrongdoer in query changed into unlocking the wheel clamps of cars sealed via the traffic cops because of illegal parking, but what became surprising was that he broke into visible using a -wheeler that did now not have a number plate both at the front or rear facet of the vehicle.

The Navi Mumbai traffic police use wheel clamps to fasten cars which might be illegally parked on roads. The motors which can be generally parked on the wrong side that is while there are no atypical-even board present on that specific stretch or parked on a no-car parking zone are pulled up for site visitors violations.

A mid-day reader observed this character on the hot two-wheeler and questioned the rider approximately how he ought to violate visitors regulations by using a motorbike without a variety of plate. However, the rider who said he laboured with the site visitors branch right away answered that enquiry must be made at the visitors’ booth about the problem. He stated, “Speak to the site visitors police in the chowkie” concerning the incident.

In Cyprus, I am consuming and consuming, consisting of water, while driving is illegal. Also, in Cyprus, it is a criminal offence to wave or point at stressful drivers while using.

In France, you’re required to hold a personal breathalyser package on your vehicle. However, there may be no great anymore for now not having a breathalyser.

In Japan, all and sundry who has furnished a vehicle and/or alcohol to an intoxicated driving force and/or a driver beneath the affect or who is a passenger in a vehicle pushed via a driver who’s drunk or below the have an impact on can also be challenge to imprisonment with work for up to a few years and a great of as much as JPY 500,000. Too, splashing water on a pedestrian, whether or not knowingly or unknowingly, will without delay land you a fine.

In Germany, going for walks out of gas on the autobahn is unlawful. This applies to tourists as nicely, who will face the same penalty regardless of nationality. The quality may be from €30 as much as €70 depending on the case. However, according to German site visitors laws, the automobile is dealt with as non-public space which therefore allows the driver to be nude while within the car. Naughty Germans.

In the United States, some states have some bizarre site visitors policies, take a look:

Alabama has a law that makes driving while blindfolded illegal. Apparently, in case you are ever stuck doing this offence, you could serve serious jail time.
In South Carolina, no automobile have to have a garbage bin in it, (especially if it’s a convertible – discern).
In Georgia, consistent with the law they delightfully positioned into motion, no passenger or driver is authorised to spit from a moving car or bus, no longer except it’s a truck. In Quitman, Georgia, your rooster have to now not be located carelessly on foot by way of the roadside, let alone trying to go the street.
In Massachusetts, you have to not have a gorilla inside the backseat. The law is quite ambiguous because it does no longer limit one from having the gorilla seated inside the front seat.

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